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Page 198 from the Evening News Motoring Guide:

When you got your licence in 1924 you were given this little hard cover book with everything the driver needed to know. And you think it is tough now?

Page 40 of the Motor Traffic Act 1909 and Regulations:

No person shall upon any public street drive any motor vehicle –

   2. At a rate faster than 6 miles an hour –
       (a) Whilst passing any school at a time when the children are coming out;
       (b) Whilst passing the entrance of any ferry wharf at a time when the passengers are coming out
 3. At a rate faster than 15 miles an hour –
       (a) Within a radius of 4 miles from the General Post Office;
       (b) Within the boundaries of any city;

And there's 85 pages in the book!

Protecting the future of our past

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